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DMD Treatment is Available in China using Myoblast Transfer Therapy

Recently, Cell Therapy Institute (CTI) began treatment on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) patients using Myoblast Transfer Therapy (MTT) in collaboration with the Children's Hospital of Zhengzhou in the province of Henan.

Zhengzhou city is the capital of Henan Province, the largest province in central China. The city situated by the Yellow River basin - the origin of Chinese civilization. The Children's Hospital of Zhengzhou (Henan) is also the Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children and the only children’s hospital classed as a Grade III Primary institute in Henan. With more than 50 years of history, the hospital is at the forefront in scientific research, team innovation, and medical facilities. The hospital is situated at a convenient location for transportation and has a clean, scenic environment, making them an ideal partner for cooperation.

Professor Peter K. Law is currently the chairman and chief scientist of CTI. He is renowned as the “Father of Myoblast Transfer Therapy” and is the global pioneer of cell and genome therapy. Prof. Law pioneered Myoblast Transfer Therapy (MTT) and received FDA approval for Phase III clinic trails along with a multinational clinical fast track program and the authorization to receive clinical fees for 5 consecutive years. From 1994 to 1998, his team was permitted to charge fees for the investigational MTT treatment of DMD. The total cost per MTT treatment was 150,000 USD. Presently, Prof. Law has brought his technology to China where he was invited back to his homeland through China's “Thousand Talents Program”. This month, under Prof. Law's leadership, CTI is able to begin treatment on DMD patients via MTT in collaboration with the Children's Hospital of Zhengzhou.

In comparison to Exondys 51 (Sarepta Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA, USA), the only FDA approved drug for DMD in 2016, MTT yields significantly better results and at lower costs.

For more information, you may contact us at cti@celltherapy.com