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    Professor Law Koi (Peter K. Law, Ph.D.)has been a Canadian citizen and a permanent resident of Hong Kong, CHINA. He obtained his B.Sc. (Hons.) from McGILL University, M.Sc., Ph.D. from the University of Toronto, and post-doctorate from McMaster University. He was an Assistant Professor of Neurology at Vanderbilt University, Associate and Full Professor of Neurology and Physiology/ Biophysics at the University of Tennessee, Memphis. In 1991, he left the tenured position to found the private non-profit Cell Therapy Research Foundation to focus on clinical trials on muscular dystrophy (MD) using myoblasts.

    He has devoted 42 years in the study and research ofthe basic mechanisms, pathogenesis, proof of concept and treatment of muscle degeneration and weakness. He pioneered angiomyogenic cell therapies to treat debilitating and fatal diseases such as muscular dystrophies, heart diseases, Type II diabetes and Aging. He held world pioneering patents on the Human Myoblast Genome Therapy, a platform technology in Regenerative Medicine.

   His research teams in Cell Therapy Research Foundation (CTRF) in Memphis TN developed the technology into GMP manufacture of cells and human clinical trials.  Using this technology, he was the first in the world to have published

  1)that somatic cells cultured in vitro can survive, develop and function in disease animals including human beings;

  2)human gene therapy, with correction of the genetic defect of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), leading to FDA approved Phase III clinical trial on fast track with allowance to charge up to $150,000- per case in the USA;

 3)human myoblast injection into the heart, leading to FDA approved Phase II clinical trials in 20 countries including USA and Europe by his licensee and others;

 4)cell therapy for angiogenesis and myogenesis in the Practical Handbook of Advanced Interventional Cardiology;

 5)genetic treatment for Type II diabetes in Phase I clinical trial in China; and

 6)anti-aging cosmetic enhancement for human beings in Singapore.

 His pioneering studies, published in peer-reviewed journals, have been featured on world news media including CNN, BBC, CBC, NBC, USA Today, New York Timesand Wall Street Journal. He was honored by country leaders of CHINA, USA, RUSSIA, EGYPT, SAUDI ARABIA, and TRINIDAD/TOBAGO.

 He has been an invited speaker to national academies, health ministries, universities, and pharmaceutical companies. He reviewed grants for NIH, NSF and other international granting agencies. He has been an editor and a manuscript reviewer for reputable journals. He chaired many scientific sessions in international conferences, and various committees in the University Senate. He received over US$30,000,000- grants/ awards and has been published in many internationally reputable journals and books.

 Professor Law was granted the U.S. Patent # 5,130,141 entitled, “Compositions for and methods of treating muscle degeneration and weakness”, the PIONEERING PATENT of the myogenic cell transplantation technology. He has filed and been granted numerous world patents on the myoblast technology for inventions of new techniques, biologics and devices.

 Professor Law has conveyed research licenses to Duke University, Arizona Heart Institute, The National University of Singapore, The Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and many other research organizations. He has conveyed a non-exclusive commercial license on heart angiomyogenesis to Bioheart Inc.