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Professor Peter K. Law, the world-renowned scientist who invented the myoblast transfer therapy and its medical applications, was honorably invited to attend the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PRC by the central Organization Committee and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he was graciously received by Chairman Jinping Xi, Primer Keqiang Li, former Chairman Jingtao Hu and former Primer Jiabao Wen. Through the 3551 Talents Plan in the Chinese Optical Valley, the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone-Wuhan Eastlake High-Tech Development Area supported Professor Peter K. Law to establish a biomedical high-tech enterprise as the Cell Therapy Institute in December  2010.

The research and production base of the corporation is located in the No.1 plot of land within the Wuhan National Biological Medicine Industry Park, on Optical Valley Seventh Road of Eastlake High-tech Development Area. The company has three Ph.D. supervisors, and two of them are famous scientists in the global.

Professor Peter K. Law has 200 worldwide patents in Human Myoblast  Genome Therapy (HMGT) platform and related medical devices. Related products and treatment technology achieved the U.S. FDA Phase III clinical trails and charge allowance, and have been used in over 20 countries, and have been used to treat muscular dystrophies, ischemic cardiomyopathy, Type II diabetes, anti-aging and cosmetics. The primary business of our institute includes research, cell manufacture, global sales and medical applications of myoblasts and its culture media. We have developed collaboration with the Beijing Anzhen Hospital, the Sino-Japanese Friendship, the Wuhan Tongji Medical College, the Third Hospital of Wuhan, and so on. Professor Peter K. Law hopes to bring his lifelong achievements in scientific research of back to his motherland, filling the gaps of this arena in China , propelling China to step into the leading position of biologic medicine in the world.