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Cooperation and Exchange for "Myoblast Cells on Tumor Cell Growth Inhibition Research"

Cooperation and Exchange for "Myoblast Cells on Tumor Cell Growth Inhibition Research"


On the afternoon of August 30, 2017, Fu Zhenming, deputy director of the Cancer Center of Wuhan University People's Hospital, came to Cell Therapy Institute (CTI) for cooperation and exchange. The chairman of CTI, Dr. Peter Law, Vice Chairman Min Danlin and Production Director Lu Ping attended the meeting. The topic of the meeting centered around the inhibitory effects of myoblasts on tumor cell growth. Prof. Law initially presented his analysis on the subject, which highlighted that the proportion of myoblast and cancer cells played an important role in the inhibition of cancer cell growth. The two sides then launched a full discussion on the follow-up animal experiments.

Wuhan University People's Hospital is among the first group of Grade A Tertiary Hospitals where Hubei Provincial People's Government focused on the construction of the hospital and the State Health Commission announced it as one of the first stem cell clinical research filing institutions. Professor Song Qibin, the director of the Cancer Center at Wuhan University People’s Hospital, is a key figure in Hubei with respect to this field.  Prof. Song is a doctorate assessed by the State Council Academic Degrees Committee and has a master's degree and postdoctoral in clinical medicine. He is on the professional committee of the Hubei Province Anti-cancer Association specializing in lung cancer, radiation physics and technology, and targeted tumor therapy. He is also the professional committee chairman of the Hubei Provincial Biomedical Engineering Society for tumor stereotactic radiotherapy.